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How RITW works

Two wheel covers to choose from!

Comparison of two product types

¹ App for answering/making phone calls, dictating/hearing text messages, sending email, getting sports scores/local weather, and any feature of "Google Now"

² App for finding and giving directions to cheapest gas stations and best restaurants nearby

More apps to come!

Overview of the Smack Attack app

When using the Smack Attack app with RITW Deluxe, each of the 8 designated "smack areas" corresponds to a different piece of a standard drum kit: bass drum, snare, tom, high hat, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, splash cymbal, and of course, cowbell.

Hit RITW Deluxe in a smack area and hear a satisfying thump, smack, or crash. The sounds get mixed with any music from your phone's music library and can be heard together with the music on your car's speakers. It's fun to play the drums along with your favorite songs, improve upon drum solos, or create drum solos that were never there before.

The app's safety mode makes it impossible to use both hands to create drum sounds while your car is in motion, but both hands can be used when you're at a standstill.

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