Highway Hypnosis: Motivation for RITW

Hi, I'm Gregor Hanuschak, inventor of Smack Attack RITW. I got the initial inspiration for Smack Attack while driving across the US from Philadelphia to Silicon Valley. During the trip, I would often have trouble staying alert and sometimes even worried about falling asleep at the wheel. The monotony of the drive would often put me in a trance and it wasn't unusual for me to drive long distances with no memory of my journey.

Sleepy Rego

I later learned this state of “driving without awareness” is quite common and also quite dangerous. The condition is called “highway hypnosis” and the DMV reports an incredible number of accidents caused every year by drivers in this state. Luckily, I was not one of these statistics, but I believe this is because I discovered, like many others have discovered, that you can more easily stay alert by hitting the steering wheel with one hand while listening to music. Not surprisingly, sleep researchers are finding that auditory and tactile stimulation are good ways to fight highway hypnosis – both of which occur when you hit your steering in this way. I had the additional idea that producing drum sounds by hitting the steering wheel could make this activity more potent. Thus the idea for “Smack Attack RITW” was born. I've actually communicated with multiple sleep researchers and been told to “keep up the good work” with Smack Attack.

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